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Policies, Procedures and Handbook

Do you need help with your HR Documents?
With decades of HR experience, we know how critical it is to find a balance between risk and employee satisfaction.  We will keep you looped into what documents are necessary and best practices.  We are here for you.

We create online documents that are easily accessible and can
be used in-house or added to your HRIS systems.

Principles we follow when creating or revising your HR policies and procedures:

  • Risk Mitigation 

  • Clarity and structure 

  • Aligned with company culture

  • Who is eligible and who will be affected

  • Allow for necessary exceptions which allows company changes and scalability


2023 recommended policies, procedures, and culture guidebook additions:

  • Communication and hybrid work environment

  • Types of leave including Covid

  • Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality

  • Company mission, vision, and our employee experience

  • Technology use and online company commentary

Employee Handbook and Culture Guidebook:

  • Drives your desired culture forward

  • Communicates your mission and vision clearly and authentically

  • Shows managers and employees best practices

        and behavior expectations

  • Avoids liability while encouraging open communication

  • Gives new hires a sense of structure and stability


Have more questions?  Give us a call for a free consultation.

Let's Work Together

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