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HR Questions and Answers

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Common types of questions..the sky is the limit

  • Medical-maternity leave, FMLA, long-term illness, different types of leave, and disability claims

  • Compliance-FLSA, policies and procedures, handbook, misclassifying workers, overtime, and employee documents

  • Employee Relations-conflict management, attendance, harassment, and compensation

  • Recruiting and Engagement-turnover, engagement, lack of qualified candidates, recruiting workflow, and interview questions

  • Performance and Management-performance review issues, lack of structure, KPIs and goals, communication, and new hire training

  • HR Technology-Do we need an HRIS or an ATS, what should it include, can our payroll system be separate, and how do we communicate and train our employees on these systems

  • Onboarding and Offboarding-best way to welcome a new employee, how to let someone go compassionately, do we have to have a new hire orientation, and does this affect our turnover

This is not an HR question, but we think the chicken was here first

We are up for the challenge! 

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​Giving your employees a sense of support and safety encourages engagement and allows them to focus on their work.

Key reasons HR is critical to your business

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