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Our training is:

  • Interactive and Informative

  • Helps your employees drive growth 

  • Encourages participation post training

  • HR compliant without the legal jargon

  • Helps your employees grow and connect 

  • Inspires confidence that will flow all the way through to your clients

Our Training

Training for todays world

Laughing During a Meeting


Employees grow and feel valued when they learn something that is organized by their company. We extended that message.

Group Meeting


We want your employees to be captivated and encouraged.  Sometimes they learn the most from their teammates in a guided environment.

New Hires


We are not your mom's HR, and that flows through to our training style.  Most adults learn better when in a relaxed, low-pressure setting.

How to have a difficult conversation

Conversations in the workplace are crucial to the bottom line.    No one enjoys a difficult conversation, but the ability and confidence to have them is key to moving forward.


Audience: All managers and employees who struggle with discussing uncomfortable topics. 

Time Required: 2 Hours

Outcome: Your team will feel a sense of relief knowing they now have the tools to best express themselves during difficult conversations.  

Interview Training

Many managers approach interviewing with a wing-it attitude.  Instead, try prepared questions and data to create repeatable processes for future hires.  Learn what the interviewing experts know, that figuring out the answers to the right questions for your company and culture will give you insight into current and future hires.

Audience:  Managers and employees who currently or potentially will be in a position to interview candidates.

Time Required: 3 Hours

Outcome: The biggest asset at your company is your employees.  Hire the right employees today; as you grow your business, they will grow with you.



Recruiter Training

We teach your recruiters how to find candidates that fit your company culture, job skill set, and who will stick around for the long term.  We teach them how to make the most out of the technology they have, and truly be brand ambassadors.  Understanding sales tactics and HR makes a wonderful combination.

Audience:  Recruiters and anyone in your organization that you think would benefit from learning how to hire the right candidates.

Time Required: 1/2 day

Outcome: Confident recruiters who will go into each day with a sense of purpose and clear directives on who and how to hire the best candidates.

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